Anyone who has seen John Galliano’s spring collection (mens 2010) will have enjoyed his commitment to theatricality within design and showmanship. Other designers were focussing on cut and japanese lines, whilst Galliano embraced the precision and emotion of the silent movies. Dust settled as homage’s to Charlie Chaplain and Buster Keaton marched. Chest high belted jackets, snipped collar shirts and boaters positioned perfectly to cast shadow over deep-set kohl eyes.

Galliano Spring 10

Galliano Spring 10

However whilst i believe the show to be stunning to behold and the styling magnificent it has not been a look i have noticed making its way onto the street. The momo-chrome palette and diabolical silver shoes have not seemingly graced the London i live in. This does not however rule out this collection.

I consider this show to be too early. I feel the Galliano trend has once again fallen into the wrong academic diary. This collection would be far better suited to F/W 10. The cut of both jacket and trousers will easily suit the colder months and the colours used will look amazing echoing the teary eyed and emotionally torn heartbroken-ness of the wearer.

Interestingly it is A Child of the Jago who have claimed the silent movie era as their influence for the winter, calling into action more bowler hats and heavy eye make up, although their colour may have taken rather a techni-colour more Warner Bros. route.