Julianne Moore for Bvlgari

Lets not beat around the bush, Julianne Moore has always been bloody brilliant. She was insanely good in Stephen Daltry’s The Hours (based on Michael Cunningham’s novel) and could quite happily have walked away with an oscar for it, if it wasn’t for Nicole Kidman’s fake nose.  She has continued to enthrall me with her hilarious performance opposite Alec Baldwin’s supreme Jack Donaghy in 30 Rock and more recently her beautiful role within Tom Ford’s A Single Man, playing Charley, the glamorous divorcee still holding a flame for her now gay George.

Moore can do little at the moment to turn me off and her new ad campaign for Bvlgari is another triumph. Lounging nude whilst getting nibbled by little lion cubs is exactly what i look for whilst searching for a new bag. Brava Julianne.