Recently i have been surrounding myself with David Bowie. My day-to-day life is now pretty much narrated in an affected Brixton accent. This is by no means a new thing, and by no means something i am rushing to change. but as he says: Ch-ch-Changes, Just gonna have to be a different man. And so who to choose as my different man.

Not long ago i was introduced to the work of one of Bowie’s friends and style equal.  The amazing Klaus Nomi.

Nomi was an icon of 80’s new wave with freakishly outrageous costumes the likes of which would make Gaga blush. His operatic voice was magnificent and bought about a quality which was both haunting, beautiful and original. Nomi was on the brink of being one of the most outstanding contributors to the music video generation but sadly his life was cut short by AIDS. His work will live on but sadly i feel his genius was never fully realised.

I doubt Nomi will survive long as my internal voice but for now ‘Klaus i give you my head’.