Chanel Couture is producing some of the best tailoring for this winter, rivalling the stunning achievements of Worth (who’s perfectly crafted dresses are part military ballet / part irish jigger are some of the most interesting although perhaps not wearable items on the catwalk ). Chanel have continued to add chic and glamour to grandma by curving the lines on jackets and adding some of the seasons best fur detailing.

Oscar de la Renta F/W 10

Chanel’s work here is perhaps only matched by the outstanding contributions by Oscar de la Renta, whose F/W 10 line carrys all the weight of the Russian mafia. The line carries the heart, soul and glamour of arch- Soviet matriarchs by taking the weight of heavily woven overcoats and skirts trimmed with fur and teams them with the leopard print scarves and heavy gold chain jewellery. These mothers mean business.