Kevin McCloud has for a long time shown us the importance of grand design. Most people watch and decide they favour a Huf Haus and so the cycle of sameness continues.

However very occasionally a company comes along and offers design, problem solving and honourable service which shows the combination of stunning contemporary interior design and craftsmanship in an outrageously ingenious manner.  So often now warehouse and large void spaces are white and soulless, namely due to the nature of a re-sale market. However the empty box has just had a walnut dream land inside her.

Graft have arrived in this Hamburg loft conversion and utilised the high ceilings and lack of facilities to bring in one stunning unit. The walnut pod not only includes the utilities including kitchen and bathroom, but also includes cupboards, bookshelves, all central heating, cooling and plumbing. Graft truly have created a one-stop functional feature which unifies what could have been a dead area. It’ll divide people, but it is undeniably important.

Graft Kitchen / bathroom - Hamburg 2010