Not long ago I found myself under the new arches in Camden at archiv spectacles and sunglasses. it truly was like stumbling into an Aladdin’s cave for anyone who is visually impaired or just needs to add even more accessories to their face. Whilst the collection can at first glance appear quite pricey the discovery that lenses and fitting are very reasonable makes the selection far more approachable, as often this is where the sting lies. I myself favoured the beech wood ultra-light weight frame, which against dark colour looks epic.

On scouting for further eyewear i have become delighted to find RETRO SUPER FUTURE – the retro styled sunglasses collection who have without doubt produced some of the hottest glasses i have seen in ages. The ‘W’, ‘Andrea’ and ‘Lucia’ truly are brilliant designs and should be worn with such pride within the Ray Ban flooded world. Eyes have never been luckier.