I have a watch thing.

I like a watch to be inherited, battered, metal, analog and perfect.

I do not have these things. So. I like a plastic watch. I used to own one of the beacons of the watch world.

I favour a Kinder Surprise style / happy meal / boil in the bag watch. I once owned a limited edition pillar-box red Casio complete with locker band strap. But sadly a Gaga gig many moons ago saw this watch leave me. I blame monsters. Since this time no watch has filled the gap. However.

When in Charing Cross I recently saw a new gelato store had opened up. The gelato does not interest me, however the upholstery on their seemingly uncomfortable stools are in great creamery strawberry, chocolate and pistachio hues. This I like. A continuance of the pastel range but with that sickly butter icing edge. This collection of colours has also been picked up in the watch market as seen in the new Raised By Wolves collection (and at a very reasonable price $28).

Raised by Wolves $28

Ultimately retro and I suspect will break pretty quick, but I think they would make a great addition to pretty simple outfits. They also echo the great range of all in one tone Nike Air Royalty Macaroons.

Nike Air Royalty Macaroon (£79.99)