Some plays are forgotten for good reason. Some only exist in their moment. But others fade and on resuscitation are even stronger.

Caryl Churchill’s Light Shining In Buckinghamshire is one such play.

Originally written in 1976 it marked Churchill’s first foray with Max Stafford-Clark, later leading onto Cloud Nine. Written in tight short scenes, including those based on verbatim and many historical, political and revolutionary sources the play questions the role of committee, academic idealism and practical action. Currently being staged at Dalston’s Arcola Theatre, Polly Findlay has bought this production into the modern day and reinforced the strength and timeliness of Churchill’s writing, especially with regards to the coalitions new notions of big society.

Light Shining In Buckinghamshire

Light Shining In Buckinghamshire, Arcola Theatre, 14th July – 7th August 2010