I am fine with the fact i read reviews of tea online. I am also fine with being addicted to Twining’s Revive and Revitalise Lemon and Ginger. It’s such a good wake up drink, and whilst many comments highlight the absence of lemon and dominance of the ginger I hitherto disagree (it truly depends on the bag, and the lemon is most apparent with regards to aroma) and the ginger is more than a welcome flavour and offers an exciting spiciness to a morning brew.

Twinings Lemon & Ginger

For a further great tea experience away from home I would heartily recommend Yumchaa in Soho. A wonderful bright tea room offering a vast assortment of loose teas blended and assorted personally for you. The staff are friendly tea loving folk who try their best to meet your taste-buds requirements. Such a collection of smells make it a fun experience and sociable activity. The Mango and White Tea is pleasant afternoon choice and at only a couple of quid seems pretty good for a light catch up beverage or a peaceful rest.

Yumchaa Protest