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Whilst attending the brilliant Camberwell Graphics private view just off Brick Lane GQ’s Wandering Eye got a bit camera happy.

Apologies for vulgar vanity, but pretty nice papping.

Vanity feat. Alice

Jake and Samuel

Unkown total babe


Seven floors up.

Level 10.

Franks – The rooftop pavilion bar / restaurant / gallery undoubtedly offers one of the best ways to enjoy the sunset over London. Surprisingly nestled up on top of Peckham Multiplex car park (Southwark council must be commended with the balls for risking the venture) Franks is a breath of fresh air and an original approach to utilising urban space waste. Warehouses have been and gone, had their day, passée, and same-old-same-old, whereas architecture students Paloma Gormley and Lettice Drake’s design here has embraced the site specific and fleeting nature of the space and created an environment which encourages both an interest in the city and public interaction. With a variety of food on offer and a sophisticated and reasonably priced drinks/cocktail list Franks is certainly one place to catch over the summer. Whilst clientèle reflect those in the know, yummy mummy Time Out readers, loafer wearing advertising 30-somethings and art school kids from the surrounding Goldsmiths and Camberwell, owner Frank Boxer’s desire for “a focal point, where local creative people could hang out and enjoy the amazing views” is delivered whole heartedly.

Franks Pavillion, Peckham

Franks Pavillion, Peckham

Franks has also re-lit my fire for the Disaronno Caipi.

Disaronno Caipi

1 whole Lime cut in 8 parts
1 spoon of Powdered sugar

Muddle the sugar and lime wedges in the mixing glass part of a Boston shaker until the sugar is dissolved.
Pour an “on the rocks” glassful of cracked ice into the mixing glass, and shake.
Return all the contents to the old-fashioned glass.
Garnish with a lime slice.

Disaronno Caipi

My drink for the late summer.